10. Avery Out Of Bounds Stout

For me, something about stouts, especially dry stouts, is more akin to a cup of cocoa than a beer. That soft creaminess and low carbonation… I think they’re pretty dreamy; especially on nights when nobody’s home. Netflix is whispering sweet nothins in my ear, lights is all down low, yeah baby have a stout. Anyways.

My stouty lover for the evening was Avery’s Out of Bounds Stout. It pours a deep black with a ruby tint around the edges. A creamy, tan head gives way to an attractive, spotted lacing.

The aroma is a bit faint, but with distinct traits. Predominately, bitter chocolate, dark fruits and roasted grains. These carry over into the taste, which is originally tart but then switches over to roasted malts, black coffee, charcoal and mild, woody hops.

Though a tad watery, Out of Bounds still possesses a smooth and creamy body that leads way into a dry, slightly chalky finish. It has a light enough carbonation for the style, but still enough to make it noticeable. And at 6.3% alc/vol, it’s a bit higher in alcohol than most dry stouts, but that, combined with the roasted barley, leave your mouth tingling. Boozy hot chocolate…

Overall, I think this is a beer definitely worth trying. It’s Avery though, they can’t really do much wrong. Such a solid brewery. The fact that it’s not too heavy makes it quite drinkable. Wish I picked up more than one. Oh well. Time to watch about 50 more of these…


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