11. weekend warriors

So, has anyone else heard of Black Sabbath reuniting? I, for once, am happy Ronnie James, is dead, because now he won’t have to witness this travesty of men trying to bring back “what was.” They should have quit and never returned to music after “Technical Ecstasy.” In all honesty they should have thrown in the towel before that album could have come to fruition. Either way, all this talk has me on a big Sabbath kick this weekend:

But aside from being holed up with Skyrim and Sabbath, I do plan on venturing into the outside world for purposes other than work. There is a beer, wine, and food tasting for the low price of free fifty free at Grain and Vine in Hyannis today (Saturday, Nov. 12), from 1-4 p.m.. Though at an initial glance this store may look like a cheap liquor store, their selection of craft beers is very impressive, and the staff has never given me a bad suggestion. I will have to leave my wallet at home before going today.


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