12. Frogs Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale

Diesel and his beer

Frogs Hollow Double Pumpkin Ale, 8.4% alc/vol, brewed by Hoppin Frog in Ohio, is sadly one of the last pumpkin beers in my stash this year. One thing I love about their web site is that it lists food and cheese pairings that you should try with each of their beers and I wish more places did this. It comes in a 22 oz bottle only, and pours with no head whatsoever. It smells like cinnamon, the malt odor is a bready one, clove, pumpkin, and nutmeg to name a few of the more major players.

As for the beer itself, there isn’t a lot of carbonation, and it’s not as sweet as I had expected. As for pumpkin beers, this one definitely falls under the “squashy” category,  with the pumpkin and alcohol taste cancelling out a good portion of the sweetness. The strong malt-base counteracts the alcohol flavor a bit, but since this beer had been suggested to me as a replacement for Southern Tier Pumpking, I was a little disappointed.

A lot of people say it’s overly sweet, but I found it to simply taste too much like alcohol. I was told this beer would “warm you up,” and I think the only way it does that is through the burning alcohol sensation. It was simply, alright. I’d give this beer a C.


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