14. Van Diest Früli Strawberry Beer


Heads up, this post is going to be written in a burnt-out manner. It was deadline day at the paper, so I really just want to sit around and play Skyrim while drinking a beer, but the only beer I have is this one, and if I drink it then go right to Skyrim, I’ll never blog about it.

I love lambic, so when I saw Früli, 4.1% alc/vol, I figured I should give it a try. I’m always looking for deals and cheap replacements, so I figured this was all the more reason to try Fruli over the more pricey fruit beers. Cheap doesn’t always (or doesn’t ever) mean better.

The beer smells just like actual strawberries, and looks just like it when its poured, it’s a very hazy red, with a  three-finger head that dissolves to about an inch with lacing on the glass. The beer has a sweet taste, the orange peel and coriander they write about on the front of the bottle are not noticeable. It’s too sweet, it doesn’t have the traditional yeasty tartness found in Belgian fruit beers. The alcohol isn’t noticable at all, and the aftertaste is incredibly sweet.

Conclusion: It’s hard to describe this as a beer, it doesn’t have any of the taste characteristics. I would give it a B though, it would be nice to drink one on a warm day because it’s really refreshing and kind of fun. I suppose I’d place this in the novelty beer category.

Tips: My sister, who works at a pub, suggested mixing it with Blue Moon or Hoegaarden.


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