16. Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

I wanted to tell you guys about some of the beers I drank and places I visited last weekend while in Worcester, MA. But sometimes its hard to be the person making tasting notes while on a 2-day bender. So all I can really say is, if you’re ever in Worcester, make sure you check out The Dive Bar.

You’ll ask your friends, “Where the hell are we going?”, as you make your way through a delightfully shady part of town, to a building that appears from the outside, pretty much abandoned. The fact that there’s no sign helps add to your skeptical attitude. Then you remember: all the truly hip beer gardens say Nein to signs, and you can relax because you know you’re not going to Uncle Ed’s Pool Hall & Rape Den.

The Dive Bar, packed wall-to-wall with antique nautical hoo-hahs and flannel-clad beer geeks, is pretty damn neat. A small, but solid selection of American craft beers, knowledgeable bartenders and a laid-back, no-frills atmosphere, make it a jewel in the Worcester beer scene.

But let’s get back on track and talk about a beer that I actually remember drinking: Sierra Nevada’s Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale.

Specifics: 5.5% alc/vol, 37 IBU

The beer is a dark copper/bronze, leaving behind spotty lacing and a small layer of bubbles. Sierra Nevada claims that it uses malts (2-row pale, crystal, chocolate and smoked) within days of their roasting to bring out the best malt character. This is first apparent in the aroma; lots of toasted, sweet malts, along with a slight hoppiness.

The taste is toasted, almost burnt bread, pepper, caramel and pine. There is a nice balance and  strong focus on those toasted/roasty notes. The resiny presence of  hops give the beer a very earthy feel and dry finish. The carbonation is a little bit too stinging, though the beer remains clean and with a crisp sharpness in the end. And it receives a . . . B!

I’d write a conclusion but am pretty sleepy. Enjoy this yummy autumn brown.


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