18. Cape Cod Beer Buster’s Brown Ale

Sometimes (a lot of the time) I hold off on sampling a new beer because I haven’t yet written about the last one I tried. And then I end up with this:

A fiendish and compulsive beer-hoarding habit. This is about one-third of the collection, mind you. I went to the liquor store to redeem cans the other day. Repeating the mantra, “I will not buy anything” over and over. But a little peak at their holiday beer selection won’t hurt..right? Oh, it hurt. Now I have more winter beers in the collection that I probably won’t even get around to drinking until spring.

I’ve been putting off writing this post for days. I’ve also been telling myself that I have lots of work to be doing around the house and that’s my reason for staying in for the past 4 nights. Truth is, I’ve been watching every episode of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Like really, I’ve skipped showering for the past week to sprawl in bed, drooling, watching sitcoms. I am a crazy person and a shell of human being.

OOOOOKKKK. Beer! We don’t have any good bars around these here parts, but we do have a good brewery. Cape Cod Beer! Buster’s Brown Ale, released on 11-11-11, is a growler full of unfiltered, nutty goodness. It’s a special release that they’re only selling temporarily in the brewery so if you’re from around here, I’d stop in.

Specifics: 5.2% alc/vol, 42 IBUs

Pours a very deep hazelnut with a beige and creamy head. The aroma is nutty, mixed with malts, caramel and mild citrus. Buster’s Brown is brewed with 6 malts (pale, light crystal, chocolate, wheat, caramalt and rye). This blend dominates the flavor profile; full of roasted malts and chocolate. A slightly bitter finish, this beer lingers with hop resin and citrus. Clean, crisp and extremely drinkable, Buster’s Brown Ale receives an A-!

Ashleigh, where are you?


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