20. Holy Grail Ale Black Knights Reserve

I still can’t drink as I get my face sliced open on Thursday, so let me reminisce about my last beer (okay I cheated with two beers over the past 2 weeks)…

Holy Grail Ale

Monty Pythons Holy Grail Ale Black Knights Reserve (5.7 alc/vol) is apparently a step up from the already excellent Holy Grail Ale. It’s brewed by in Masham, North Yorkshire, England.

I was drawn to this beer in part because of the ties to Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and because I had heard so many good things about this beer from other people. I was skeptical because the packaging does look a bit janky, but then again with a Monty Python theme, you can’t really shoot for class.

The head stayed on this beer for AGES, it was a solid one finger head that stayed there even while I forgot about the beer and got sidetracked doing things like painting my nails or attempting to shred on my guitar singing GG Allin songs. Some people in other reviews have said that it eventually goes away leaving a lace, but I let this beer sit for upwards of an hour and saw no such change.

It was a deep amber brown, not cloudly at all, save for the creamy head.

As for the taste, it tastes very roasted. It’s by no means sweet, the malts are well roasted and the hops creep up towards the end of the sip, and were bitter. It has a strong flavor and because of this I had to drink it slowly. Typical of darker beers, the carbonation wasn’t very noticeable.

I guess all in all, it’s a straight up English brown ale.

Conclusion: I would not pay $6 for a bottle of this again. I’d stick with the regular Holy Grail Ale. It was nothing special.


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