23. Smuttynose Winter Ale

Let’s skip the small talk and get right to it.

Smuttynose Winter Ale has a cute off-white head that sits atop a deep bronze body; like someone who fell asleep on the beach while wearing a ski mask. It leaves a lot of attractive, spotty lacing.

Specifics: 5.1% alc/vol

The aroma is sweet. Nothing too complex, but lots of caramel, malt and a light yeast in the background. Tasting the brew, my first thought was how similar it was to a brown ale. It has a lot of those brown malt flavor, very toasty. There’s a slight fruitiness, akin to dried cherries and a pinch of spice. The light Crystal hop notes add some PIZAZZ and a nice underlying bitterness, though there was somewhat of a flat soda taste.

A medium carbonation holds back enough to give Smutty a slight creaminess. It’s a highly drinkable brew. Not necessarily a Dubbel, but still, quite tasty. I give it a B!


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