24. Peak Organic The Maple Collaboration

For those who don’t know, I’m staying at my bosses’s house all this week, pet-sitting his dog and cat while he’s on vacation in Georgia. Osterville squattin’, yeaahh. I went to go find a pint glass for this brew, graciously given to me by Tommy Stahle of Earthy Delights , and all I could find was a large wine glass. No pint glasses. In fact, pretty much no glasses at all. A couple small tumbler-like things and a few cocktail glasses, all covered in dust. Further adding to my conundrum on whether this man is extremely ghetto or extremely sustainable.

The Maple Collaboration by Peak Organics is brewed at the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. It is made using Maine-grown organic oats and Vermont maple syrup.

Specifics: 6.7% alc/vol, 26 IBU

This hippie-dippie brew pours clear amber with a puffy beige head that leaves a lot of pretty lacing; a good-looking beer. The aroma is heavy toffee, caramel malts, raisins and vanilla. Very sweet and grainy.

For a beer that is putting its supposed maple-ness on a pedestal, there is nothing in the flavor that actually screams “maple”. There’s sweetness and an average maltiness,  followed by a bitter, grainy finish, but it definitely leaves something to be desired after being sucked in by the nose.

With a medium-light body, Maple has a thin feeling and in my opinion, was slightly lacking in carbonation. I was really desiring a heavier beer with an organic upfront maple-ness, but sadly, this beer couldn’t provide. I’m still a big fan of Peak Organics, but I must give Maple Collaboration a C+.

Time to go walk this greasy dog.


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