25. Woodstock Inn Wassail Ale

It’s one of my last nights pet-sitting at the bosses house, so I used it to get all sorts of buzzed and do some beer reviews; mainly because this place has amazing lighting for photos. These incredibly white and bright lights do wonders for a girl without a good flash trying to take pictures at night.

The first beer I drank was a good starter beer for the evening. We’ll get to the others later. For now, Woodstock Inn’s Wassail Ale. I definitely need to add Woodstock Inn to my list of breweries to visit. It’s located out in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and along with being a brewery, it’s also a really cozy looking country-style inn with a really yummy looking breakfast menu.

World-famous stick buns. Mmmm…

Wassail Ale pours the same light brown as the bottle it comes in. A small and fizzy head quickly recedes to a thin, bubbly ring. Its aroma is full of spices, with cinnamon standing at the forefront. Fruits, chocolate and molasses are also in the very sweet mix.

The taste is very similar to the nose; sweet/toasted malts, cherries, scotch and floral hops. Some spices linger in a very stiff and dry finish that is also accompanied by a somewhat bitter aftertaste. At 8% alc/vol, Wassail definitely starts giving you some warmth after a few sips, but hides its alcohol very well.

Slick and smooth and with a medium body, I think if Wassail were a bit heavier, it would have matched the flavor profile and alcohol content a bit better. Though it has a great spice/sweet balance, overall, there is nothing incredibly compelling about this beer. At times it even had a slightly flat taste, so I must give Wassail ale a B-.

Though I’m sure I would have enjoyed this beer a lot more poured from the tap at Woodstock after a day of hiking or snowboarding in the White Mountains.

A more reckless Kristie would be furiously whipping out her credit card at any mention of the words breakfast, brewery or sticky buns, but we are still in the dregs of No-Spend December that will be carrying over into No-Spend January. Patience, child…


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