29. Weyerbacher Merry Monks’ Ale

Got to drink this brew while making dinner in a closed restaurant during a snowstorm. Sweet. But before I get into the beer, I’d also like to share jalapeño cheesy fries with a side of blue cheese.

I would sell my children to baby poachers to be able to eat this every day. If I had any children. But I don’t. So I get to eat this every day. Huzzah!

I lost my tasting notes for this one so I’ll give you a shortened version of what I can remember. To be honest, Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks’ Ale looks like my pee on a sick day. You know that hazy orange/yellow. The nose was fruity and yeasty, with a big whiff of spicy alcohol. Very crisp, herbal and sweet; honey, pineapple, bananas, cloves and candied sugars were some tastes I remembered. It is smooth and with a medium-full body; a well-done American tripel. I gives it a B+.


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