30. Samuel Adams American Kriek


Well, hi. It’s me, Ashleigh. I took a bit of a break because I couldn’t drink in December because I had surgery, and in January I was so busy with other pressing ventures (work, but mainly reading the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series and playing Skyrim, to be honest) that I kind of forgot about beer.

But tonight I was rummaging around in my basement and found a bottle of Sam Adams American Kriek that I had forgotten about. I was also a bit leery about trying it. Have you tried their Lambic? If you have, you know why I was hesitant on trying this cherry beer.

It’s an American wild, 7% abv, aged in oak barrels with cherries, and 8 IBU. Comes in a 750 mL corked bottle.

The most noticeable trait was the aroma for me. It had a very tart and yeasty smell, it reminded me of a lot of my homebrews. It came as a surprise because I expected this to be sickly sweet.

However, it has a slightly tart taste. First noticeable is the taste of cherries, and vanilla accentuated by the dusky red cherry hue, second is the malty taste. It almost gets sweeter as you let the sip pass over your tongue, with a sour, oaky, and cherry after taste.

A lot of other reviews complained about over-carbonation, however I found there to be very little. Maybe this is due to the batch or the fact that it was forgotten behind my washing machine for months. Either way, soda levels of carbonation hurts my throat and this didn’t even cause a twinge of discomfort.

It’s definitely a more sour beer. It would go well with cheese or a dessert, can’t say I’d pair it with a meal…unless that meal was cheese, which knowing me is likely.

In conclusion: A-, an okay value at $11, but a great one at the sale price of $5.99


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