32. Abita Pecan


Laissez les bon temps rouler! Though I grappled with it, I’m a southern girl at heart with most of my family on my moms side split between Canada, and well…Louisiana. Land of pomegranates,
pralines, chitlins, and beignets. Why they left Sicily for that, I’ll never know. But I bet the food was a factor.

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, so to celebrate I picked up some Abita Pecan Beer, made from ingredients all from Louisiana. It’s 5% ABV, so it’s not a strong beer, so don’t drink it if you plan on using it for fuel to earn some beads. Rather, use it complemented with some king cake or a salad made with dark greens and blue cheese. The nutty taste would go great with either.

That’s the first thing I noticed about this beer was it’s malty and nutty scent. The burnt ombré color is nice, but the head is only about a finger-width and it disappears quickly, leaving lacing that soon also disappears.

The taste is watery, with pecans dominating the beginning and end of the sip. In between, it has a faint malt taste, but if there are hops in this beer, I really couldn’t tell. If you’ve ever had fresh pecans and accidentally gnawed a bit of shell, it tastes like this at times.

All in all, the bottle boasted that it would be different from artificially flavored nut ales, and aside from the distinct pecan flavor of the nut, it was pretty similar. If anything, the flavor was lacking. It’s a great idea, but that really doesn’t come across in the taste.

Final verdict: B-


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