37. Pretty Things Jack D’Or Americaine Saison

Pretty Things American Saison

Pretty Things Beer and Ale intrigued me when I saw it in the store. The labels are really whimsical, with brews named after things like Babayaga and Sisyphus. I decided on their year-round Jack D’Or Americaine Saison (6.5% abv), as the nice spring weather really wasn’t putting me in the mood for a stout despite the appeal of the label (seriously, go check it out: http://www.prettythingsbeertoday.com/wp/our-beers/babayaga/). Plus, it’s their flagship beer so I figured it’s a good way to get an idea of what to expect from their other brews.

What makes this brewery neat is it’s based in Somerville, MA, and is made in a rented brewery where they have token “brew days.” It’s worth checking out their website to read their story. It’s a true micro-brew, and the fact that it is such a small-scale operation made me hopeful that I would taste something that rivals a perfect homebrew. I wasn’t let down.

Ashleigh: I was skeptical of this beer at first. It was kind of bitter and it took me a few sips to get used to it. But once I got the hang of the flavor, I was hooked.

It pours cloudy and yellow, with a puffy, white head. and has a yeasty taste but there was no sediment. Immediately you can smell the hops, and the malt is really faint.

The beer is dry and bitter, with light carbonation. You can really taste the yeast and the hops, there isn’t really a hint of malts at all. Like I said, once I got used to it after the first few sips (I think I was expecting something different) it’s a really crisp and refreshing beer.

I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer.

Kristie: The yeast in this beer is really impressive in many different aspects. Its presence is felt in the nose, along with a lot of floral characteristics.

The taste is loads of citrus, tart fruits, bread, a bit of spice, and grassy undertones, but it’s the yeast that provides a truly unique edge, giving the beer a champagne-like quality.  A really interesting and refreshing American/Belgian brew.


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