38. Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

I was in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago to see a show. A couple of blocks down from the venue was Brooklyn Brewery so of course I stopped in. I expected a brewery tour followed by a couple of samples, what I got was a mix between a bar crawl, rave, and a pizza party. $5 buys you a token which you can then redeem for a pint of one of the many beers they have on tap. Music blaring, indoor picnic tables packed with people stuffing face and drinking brews, there was a cat walkin’ around, all-in-all, it’s not your typical brewery experience. It’s pretty awesome.

If you pick up a couple of these beers here, Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout, beware that this is not your normal stout. At 10% alc/vol, this is a powerful beer.

Kristie: It pours a pitch black, with a beautiful mocha head and an aroma of dark bitter chocolate and espresso.

The taste is a nice blend of burnt chocolate and coffee, lots of roasted barley and some dark fruits, akin to figs, in the finish. Low carbonation but full-bodied and incredibly smooth and creamy. The alcohol shows up a little but in the bitter coffee finish, and you can definitely start to feel it throughout your body after a couple of sips.

I love this beer. It’s a complex kick in the ass, enticing you with the right amount of sweetness but then evolving into a dry and roasted finish. I give this one an A-

Ashleigh: What is it she says in Beetlejuice? “My life is a dark room?” This beer is a dark room. It pours jet black, but the head is a nice mocha color. The color combo is pretty striking.

I didn’t notice any aroma of chocolate, but there was definitely a chocolate and coffee aftertaste. It was a really smooth and heavy beer, and despite the high alcohol content there was no burn. You can feel it lingering in your mouth a bit, but it sneaks up on you. As in, if you were to race through a pint of two of this, you’d fall when you stand up for sure.

This is a beer of many tastes and I would love to try it again paired with some different foods to see what flavors get brought out. You could easily have fun with this one.


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