42. Dogfish Head Midas Touch


Midas Touch, 9% ABV, 12 IBU, is an interesting beer simply because it boasts the slogan, “Ancient Ale” on the label. Now, I know beer itself is ancient, but I think the idea of a brewery replicating these recipes is pretty neat. This one is over 2,700 years old. Surely Dogfish Head isn’t the only brewery to do this, but they are the only one within my price range at the moment. My price range is hovering dangerously close to range of Ramen noodles and tap water at the moment.

The beer pours golden, and looks like a typical American lager. There is no head, however the slight bit of bubbles do leave trace amounts of lacing. As for aroma, the beer smells very sweet. The scent of the muscat grapes are very noticeable in this beer, giving it a faint aroma of white wine.

The beer also tastes sweet, it reminds me of a Diamond White only not as sweet. They both share the exact same aftertaste, right down to the drying feeling. Luckily diamond whites are the only white wine I actually enjoy so I found this to be a pleasant surprise. The initial sip is distinctly beer, though. You can really taste the honey and malts, and then it transforms into a wine taste. It’s a pretty unique flavor balance, and something I wouldn’t mind experiencing in other beers.

You also can’t tell it’s 9%, as I found out after finishing my lunch and going to stand up. Got a bit dizzy!

I dub thee an A! beer


One thought on “42. Dogfish Head Midas Touch

  1. It’s a humorously eaenrttining misconception bearing in mind that American micro breweries make up for almost half of all the micro breweries world wide today.We just need to keep spreading the word, and the truth shall set us all free!Btw, Monks Cafe9 here in Stockholm held an American Beer Festival a few months ago, and could serve around 540 different American made micro- or craft beers.Since Sweden is the largest market for American micro brewers outside of the US, more and more people are slowly figuring out that the old moniker f****g close to water is not equal to US made beer.

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