44. Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout

I left my camera in the car and didn’t want to go outside and get it, so I present you with TwoGirlsOneBeer’s first video! Huzzah, crowdnoise.

Left Hand Brewing has provided the craft beer movement with its first nitrogen bottled beer. It replicates that creamy, nitro draft feel without the use of a widgit. To create this effect, you have to “pour hard” into the glass. No slow pours or cup tilts. just upend the bottle and watch as it creates a really cool cascading effect, as well as a long-lasting, root beer float like head.

The aroma is very mild and soothing; milk chocolate, light roasted malts, cocoa butter, and raisins. The taste is sweet chocolate that moves into a bitter roast. Subtle hops, that don’t call much attention to themselves, provide a light and dry finish.

Though this beer is full of milky notes, molasses and candied malts, I wouldn’t necessarily tag it as a dessert beer. The flavors are mild, and instead of giving a cloying sweetness, they impart a richness that makes this a very drinkable beer. It gets an A-!

Smooth and creamy, with a velvet carbonation, this is a very well-done brew. I also like that Left Hand is keeping both the nitro milk stout and the CO2-carbonated version on the market.

Well wasn’t that fun.


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