47. Anderson Valley Brewing Company Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice (5% abv) from Anderson Valley Brewing Company intrigued me for three reasons. First off, the brewery is solar powered. Second, it’s in a craft can, which are the newest trend in craft beer fashion, and I expect them to be huge this summer judging by the upsurge over the past couple of years. And the most important question of them all: is that a bear or a moose on the can?

As it was in a can I have no idea about the color, but the aroma is very light with a faint malt scent and some light spices- not citrusy as most summer beers but very light.

The beer comes in at 4 IBU, so it differs from most summer ales who use a large hops presence. It tastes like a crisp cream soda with a biscuity finish. it’s not the type beer where the flavor becomes overbearing after a bit.

With the light, sweet, taste I could totally see myself drinking this out on the boat this summer…



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