49. Mayflower Brewing Company IPA

Mayflower Brewing Company IPA

I’ve been getting all ultra-local lately, what with having 18 chickens laying the eggs I eat and hitting up the farmers market. Actually maybe “local” is interchangeable with “frugal” here, because since quitting my job I’ve definitely been changing up how I do things. So this weekend I decided to keep my beers local, and I was given a mixed six-pack of Mayflower beer, a relatively new microbrewery in Plymouth who opened up in 2007, and decided to give their IPA a try. The Mayflower Brewing Company IPA (7% alc/vol) was also a good choice because “Chronicle” was doing a special on Plymouth…yeah I love that show.

I think I’ve written about older beers here before, but beer was a dietary staple in the past, with the pilgrims having beer rationed out to them during the Mayflowers trans-Atlantic voyage. Even the children received a daily ration. Why? Beer doesn’t spoil, though it can get contaminated most bacterias that make you ill can’t thrive in it, and it held more nutrients than water.

The IPA is a deep orange color, left some trace lacing throughout the whole session, and had a very small bit of foam. Starts out malty, ends up hoppy. The hops are very piney, a nice break because I’ve been re-entering the gambit of summer ale game of citrus hops. It’s a medium/heavy beer, though it doesn’t look it. I would drink it again, it’s a good IPA for someone who is just developing an appreciation for hops like myself.

Of course, as part of my ultra-local way of living I’m doing a 3-week cleanse in a little bit. So maybe this blog will be switched over to ravishing reviews of my kale, beet, and parsley breakfast smoothies. Microbrewed in the juicer in my kitchen.


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