51. Wychwood King Goblin

I’m practicing taking real pictures of beer rather than blurry, “artistic” ones from weird angles. This is my first attempt. Suck it, Michael Jackson and your perfect beer photos.

Named after the ancient medieval forest that surrounds the English city of Witney, Wychwood Brewing incorporates aspects of that mythical lore into all of their ales; as seen here in the King Goblin. I love it, reminds me of Game of Thrones; grumkins and snarks and the like.

King Goblin is an English Strong Ale with an ABV of 6.6%. It pours a clear garnet color, with a thin and sudsy off-white head. Light traces of lacing. The aroma is sweet, reminds me of a holiday fruit cake or grape jelly. There’s also a lot of toffee, malt, spices and a hint of chocolate; extremely inviting.

The taste is malty and rich, full of roasted notes, earthy spices, and a lot of caramelized flavors. All of these intense flavors mellow out into a dry, boozy finish with a lingering green bitterness.

This beer is remarkably played out from start to finish. It’s soft and creamy, becoming gentle and crisp as all of the flavors drop off, leaving you with just a warming finish. Robust and indulgent, this is my kind of English Ale.

Grade: A


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