52. Uncle Ollie, Moonlight Brewing Co.


Like Kristie said, it’s summer and I guess writing beer reviews kind of got lost in the lazy heat. I’m currently in San Francisco working temporarily as project manager for a marketing company, put it in the baby book as my first business trip, and the temporary move means new beers and new brewpubs that I can’t get back on the East Coast. I finally got to check out The Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco, a haven for beer foodies (boodies?), I mean come on, beer snob is passe word. It’s located on a side street of Valencia in Mission district. I’ve tried to go there before only to have it closed for a private event- so finally getting to go was KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

I decided on a draft Uncle Ollie, at “?? abv” (as written on the menu) by Moonlight Brewing Co. in Fulton, CA. This farmhouse style beer tastes like a saison, and it has a very low hops profile. It’s a little bit cloudy, and pours an orangey-caramel color. The thin head dissipates quickly, leaving you with a heavy tasting beer with aromas of apricot and plums- a noticeable fruity “musk” to the beer. I found it really pleasant, it was sweet and a nice end to a hot day.

I’ve got a lot more west coast beers ready to go- now I just need my paycheck! And to brave the #9 bus route- as Ginsberg wrote:
I saw the worst minds of my generation destroyed by
madness, starving trackmarked toothless,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at 6pm
looking for a bag of rock.

Or something like that?


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