56. Ninkasi Brewing Maiden The Shade

The best part of being on the west coast (west coast is best coast) is getting beers from microbreweries that I can’t typically find back home. I’m not even buying them because it’s a style beer I like, but purely because it’s something I can’t normally have. Except for this beer. I bought this beer simply for the pun. Drank it for the taste. Maiden the Shade (6.8% abv), by Ninkasi Brewing Company gets a total A+ for ripping off the Maiden logo in a way that actually makes it seem summery and relaxing. I like Iron Maiden, I like the shade, I like laying down in the shade drinking beer. So that’s what I did.

It has a crispy, hoppy scent that is really noticeable, and pours a golden color with a delicate lacing and no head. The carbonation doesn’t last long which kind of quells the whole “refreshing IPA” feeling, but there’s such a crisp, almost veggie-like taste (and stonefruits) to this dry beer that makes up for it.

Kristie mentioned our imaginary bar in her previous post and I am honored to say that this will be available on tap there.


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