59. lucky hand cali common

This was the first experience I ever had with, what at first I thought was a made-up term, the California Common. Ashleigh brought it back from her trip to San Francisco, and I guess it’s the most Californian beer I could have asked for on the East Coast.

California Common’s are brewed with a special strain of lager yeast that works better at warm temperatures; a method dating back to the 1800’s in California, when refrigeration was a 1-percenter type thing.

These beers are also referred to as Steam Beers, but Anchor trademarked that term so now they all must legally be named the California Common. Fun Facts!

Lucky Hand’s Cali Common (5.5% ABV) pours a light golden color with a big ol’ sudsy head that gradually starts to fall, leaving lots of chunky lacing. The nose is clean with lots of citrus and hop oils.

Tons of citrus notes and hop oils in the taste, along with pine and juniper berries. Would even go as far as to say that the citrus was a bit too dominating and could lead to a bitterness; like chewing on a grapefruit or orange rind.

Overall, it was pretty decent. Nothing really jumped out at me. It was simple, crisp and quite drinkable. Thanks California.

Ashleigh- I had never heard of a California Common, and initially thought it was some term created by this one brewery as a joke of sorts for this beer.

But when we tried it, it did have it’s own district style. It was similar to an IPA but had a thicker head than normally found on one. The taste is everything Kristie described but I definitely noticed an alcohol aftertaste. It’s really bitter with a tangy yeast, and there’s hints of citrus, earth, and cereal.

I guess I need to try more of these before I get a solid opinion of the genre.


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