64. cape cod beer harvest ale

So this is probably going to be the last post from me that’s not a pumpkin beer. Whether that makes you totally psyched or makes you quickly remove us from your bookmarks, I really don’t care because It. Is. Happening.

I can’t stop.

I’m using Cape Cod Beer’s Harvest Ale, a 5% German Ale, as a nice transition to get us into that autumnal mood. This is one of my favorite offerings from my hometown brewery. Very fresh looking, pouring a brown/tawny color with a clinging white head and a good amount of lacing.

The aroma is clean malts, grainy and nutty, and reminds me of a loaf of freshly baked bread. This wholesome breadiness carries over into the taste, plus  some very light citrus notes. It finishes toasty and with a mild hop bitterness. This is a very simple, yet enjoyable beer. It coats your mouth and has a perfect level of carbonation, though can feel a bit thin.

Harvest Ale’s refreshing nature and drinkability make it almost like a session beer. I can definitely see using it as an accessible start for those non-craft beer drinking dinks. Cheers, Cape Cod.


8 thoughts on “64. cape cod beer harvest ale

  1. I regret that in all my beer drinking years spent in New England, I never got my hands on any Cape Cod beers. I always hear good things about them. Also, as someone who’s not a huge fan of Pumpkin beers, Im looking forward to the barrage. I wish I could get you some of Flying Dogs The Fear, as its one of my favorite beers, and one of the few pumpkin beers I like. Its an imperial pumpkin. Its pretty awesome!

    • No, certainly not the most shippable. Unfortunately, The Fear is only a limited release and its already becoming a scarce thing to find. Sad. Im also up in Connecticut every other weekend, so getting stuff to you wouldn’t be that bad of an issue if you’re ever up for doing a swap of some sort. I dont even need to do a swap, Id be more than happy to get you some stuff if you wanted. Im also not far from PA, which carries a LOT of Russian River beer!

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