66. Lagunitas Lucky 13.alt

As Kristie pointed out to me- this blog is becoming more like “One Girl One Beer.” I haven’t had internet access since leaving my last job in May, and I’ve been pretty much living out of an overnight bag at my boyfriends. But now we are all settled into our new place and imagine my surprise when I found that we had the interwebz! Now I can finally get all the beer notes off my phone and onto the blog. Too bad half of them are from spring and summer seasonals. Guess I’ll have to double my fall seasonal drinking to make up for it.

I have a thing for pinup girls. Maybe it’s because I am one myself (yeah, yeah…Miss July in the upcoming ‘Gansett calendar). So when I started noticed Lagunitas packaging around liquor stores near me, I had to indulge. Plus we met one of their reps at the Cape Cod Brewfest last week and he was super friendly, giving us generous pours of good beer and free posters of old-tyme strong-men:

I tried the Lagunitas Lucky 13 (8.8% abv) which uses Amarillo hops, and light malts. With an IBU of 76~ (not sure here) it’s not lip puckering, but it sure is good. The hop profile is super pronounced, which I’ve come to associate with many of their beers. It tastes piney and citrusy as is typical since it was a May release beer, and the malts are really light tasting- not heavy by any means. A refreshing malt taste is hard to find in most beers where “biscuity” seems to be the style of choice for malt profiles. Like most beers with a stronger alcohol content there were vapors of alcohol when you drink it, but they didn’t deliver that burn that some higher beers do. It was more like a warming sensation. Honestly the whole beer itself blends so many styles- it’s like a barley-wine, ipa, alt. With a big head. It’s a strange mix and I dig it. Seems a lot of people on the internet are saying it was, “weird.” Judging by their past review history (yes, I snoop), they are BORING. So whatever, rock on Lagunitas. We salute you.

Enjoy this last review before we delve into the world of pumpkin beer.


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