70. wachusett imperial pumpkin ale

We’re about half-way through October and still cranking out the pumpkin beer reviews. Lets have another one, shall we? I finally found a bottle of Wachusett Imperial Pumpkin Ale, not in Massachusetts as I thought I would, but at Garys Beverages in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. What appears from the outside as a place that only sells bum wine and snuff films, actually had one of the best craft selections I’ve found in the area. Neat.

Pours a very clear “autumnal” orange. The head quickly billows up and then just as quickly, settles down into a thin creamy film atop the beer. Sweet pie spices dominate the aroma; very nutmeg-heavy, as well as cinnamon, allspice and ginger, as well as a light breadiness.

You’ll find a good amount of spicing in this beer, but it’s not overpowering. The taste is actually more light on the spicing, as compared to the nose. This beer screams Imperial Pumpkin. It’s grainy and full of bready malts with a slight yeastiness and a very pronounced alcohol presence. The body is sticky with a lingering boozy finish. Though it is a tad bit light for the big beer flavor.

Overall, I think there are other imperial pumpkins that do it better than Wachusett. Any complexity present definitely suffers as a result of the alcohol content which is very overpowering for the style.


2 thoughts on “70. wachusett imperial pumpkin ale

  1. It certainly LOOKS how I would hope a pumpkin ale should look. it seems to me that a pumpkin ale must be very difficult to get “right.” Sometimes the nose betrays the smell. Sometimes its just far too spicy, not enough pumpkin, or vice versa. or maybe my expectations are far too high.

    How was their snuff film selection?

    Also, what do you use for your photos, I love your pictures.

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