74. heavy seas the great pumpkin

What a perfect day to write about a member of the Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet. Hurricane Sandy has already ruined my day off by closing the RMV and any other places where I had to run errands AND she cancelled the metal show/costume party Ashleigh and I were going too tonight.

What’s a girl to do with no electricity, a stockpile of beer, and a luchadore outfit? WE WILL SOON FIND OUT.

To quote the Internet: “Hurricane Sandy” sounds like what an Applebee’s bartender calls the lady in a pantsuit drinking chardonnays at 10:30 a.m.”

Heavy Seas The Great Pumpkin, at 8% alc/vol and bottled in a 22 oz. bomber, pours a clear amber with a two-finger head that quickly falls into a thin layer atop the surface, leaving a clinging layer of foam on the glass.

This has a classic pumpkin beer aroma that I really liked. A creamy vanilla, lightly vegetal, and with a nice malt/pie spice balance. The taste is not too sweet or too boozy. It leaves me once again pretty impressed by the balance. It’s a pumpkin beer that doesn’t make you sick of pumpkin beers, which I find is too often the case. The hops sit in the back, letting the spices speak for themselves; plenty of nutmeg and a great cinnamon kick in the finish. It’s silky smooth with a faint alcohol presence and a squashy aftertaste. I love beers that are able to incorporate that vegetal/pumpkin taste. It makes for a much more authentic experience.


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