75. lakefront pumpkin lager



This is my last pumpkin beer post. This is also my last post from the state of Massachusetts. On Friday, I will become a resident of New Hampshire! All hail the Great White North. Or something like that.

Driving through downtown Dover yesterday, I saw a man walking a goat on a leash. The goat was also wearing a little red visor. This is where I am moving too. It’s all downhill from here, folks. And I couldn’t be more excited.


This is Pumpkin Lager from Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is said to be brewed based on Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for pumpkin beer. They must have had their top marketing people on this one.

It pours a light orange with minimal lacing from a 12 oz. bottle. There’s a very bright and clean aroma; sweet and spicy, full of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.

This beer, at 6% alc/vol, starts off with a pleasant caramel malt sweetness, and moves into some toasted grains and a slight grassiness. You can tell that there’s definitely something going on here besides just the spicing. It finishes dry with a hint of pie spice, but gets a little too lager-y for my taste, especially when mixed in with the pumpkin.

Lakefront is better than some pumpkin beers I’ve encountered. It has an easy drinkability and smooth mouthfeel, but is lacking some of the depth that these beers deserve.

And with that, I’ll see you folks in about a week! Going to take some time to settle into the new place and then I’ll be back with all sorts of fun New Hampshire beer stuff.


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