77. Mystic Brewery Vinland One


I have also moved the past month, now working at a wholesale Organic coffee roaster (training my pallet to taste the nuances in coffee is quite daunting! We have a kit of 50 “scents” we use to chart out the flavor and aroma profiles…it’s very interesting and I’m eager to try it with beer) to the outer part of Cape Cod, where there are cliffs dropping into the Atlantic and the closest thing to a moorland you’ll see outside of England, however what was really bringing me down was the lack of good beer. You know, stores that don’t put Blue Moon under the “Specialty Craft” placard. The day of the Nor’ Easter I went to deposit my check and buy some mediocre beer to hold me over in case the power went out and I discovered that there was a craft beer, fine wine, and cheese store hidden up a little side road. And in that moment I knew happiness.

I picked up Mystic Brewery Vinland One (Saison/Plum, 6.5% ABV), a wild yeast beer from their native yeast series using Winnisimmet yeast, and went home to try this beer while hanging out with my cat, and pretend that I was Freyja, following the vikings in spirit in my chariot drawn by gargantuan felines, as they go and dubbed these very shores I now live on “Vinland.”

The beer poured very cloudy, with a thick and puffy white head, low carbonation, and thick lacing. The beer left a layer of yeast coating the bottom of the bottle. The  yeast strain chosen is known for it’s plum notes, and this definitely comes across in the aroma- which is full of acetaldehyde notes- think sour green apples and grape/plum skins. It smells “wild” in the characteristic way of wild-yeast beers, more noticeable earthen scents.

The taste reflects the scent, it’s sour with a warming feel and fruity notes. It’s definitely a saison, with the hints of esters, but the fruity yeast strain makes it seem like a fruit lambic at times as well. Other reviews noticed high carbonation so I’d like to try more bottles from other batches.



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