80. Backlash Groundswell

This post is really short because I’m actually waiting at the ER to get stitches for nearly chopping off two fingers by using a short knife on a big onion. I felt kind of bad, actually. I wanted to do something one on one and fun with my boyfriends son because we’ve both been moody lately. So I set up stuff to make our own mini pizzas together and he’s having a blast doing the sauce and cheese, then I go to slice the onions and then start screaming and dripping blood everywhere. I can’t finish the pizzas, he’s scared to go back in the kitchen despite my jokes about thinking he wanted  fingers as a pizza topping, real nice  family time. Anyways…

The guys over at Backlash Beer caught our attention by reaching out to us on Twitter before, but I had yet to see the beer around. So yesterday when my boyfriend came home with the telltale brown bag and pulled this out with its memorable packaging and black wax seal, I was pretty excited and being genuine when I said, “I’ve wanted to try that!” Honestly, the only thing stopping me was the slightly Myspace style branding of the beer. But I’m over it.

Groundswell, 6.4% ABV, is a Belgian style blond, it poured a little hazy with a light yellow color. This beer had no head, and the nose reminded me more of a sour style beer, unmistakably Belgian with the esters, yeast, and sweet vegetal scents…especially banana and citrus (not cloying, however, but still very strong).

More carbonation than I expected in this style beer, but the taste made up for that. It’s a Belgian style beer so the malts are very present, with a saison taste mid-sip followed by sour, fruity tastes. Like I said, vegetal. It has a surprisingly dry finish, where you can still taste the lighter malts with hints of bitterness from the hops. It also has an incredibly light mouth feel.


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