82. Southern Tier 2xmas


Thanksgiving is the same for me every year and it provides such a routine comfort, a long car ride with my dogs towards autumnal foods cooked in the same way by my Mama. Every year my dogs show their age a bit more, as do my grandparents and I guess in turn myself and family. The Christmas music on the radio still causes my sister and I to complain from the backseat, moreso out of habit than anything else, and despite the fact that we aren’t children anymore (in the physical sense, at least) we still sleep squished in the same small bed. While the dogs that sleep on there with us have come and gone over the years, and the locale of the Chelmsford vs Billerica game changes, not much else has changed.

The holiday also officially sets off the start of Christmas season in my mind. Time for my atomic design silver tree, the Grinch, threatening children with elves, and most of all warm cookies and warming beers.

Southern Tier has holiday beers on lockdown. Beers such as Pumpking, and their Creme Brûlée Stout which are both comparable to fine desserts without compromising the integrity of the beer. So it should come as no surprise that the masters of seasonals bring yet another great brew for the holidays, 2XMas (8% ABV).

This beer is inspired by Glogg, the Swedish word for “mulled wine,” so Southern Tier had to find a balance between a spiced, boozy drink and a beer, and they did just that. This beer is brewed with figs, cardamom, orange zest, cloves, and two hop strains.

True to it’s inspiration, it pours a deep garnet color with a small off-white head. The aroma is full of spices, aromatic with spicy alcoholic notes. The slick and warming mouthfeel delivers a strong flavor profile of each of the spices, yet it’s not cloying as the notes of cloves, orange, figs, and cinnamon give way to a hoppy finish and fusel alcohol warms your mouth.

This beer stays true to the style of Glogg as well as beer, as I would expect nothing less from Southern Tier.

If wassailing was still a thing, I would drink this to warm myself. Since it’s not, I think I’ll use it to warm myself and instill some faux Rockwellian nostalgia towards the holidays.

I’m surprised I managed to drink this today. Why? After 26 Thanksgivings I finally perfected my eye to stomach ratio and CPC’ed it the for the first Thanksgiving ever:




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