83. Allagash Tripel Ale

What can I really say about this beer that hasn’t already been said? Nothing. But instead of storing it all holy like in my Santeria shrine of craft beer, I shall drink it and add it to the TwoGirl arsenal of brews. Allagash has made themselves one of the premier Belgian-style breweries in the U.S. and this is one of their brilliant efforts. What’s great about the tripel is that it’s available in a 12 oz. bottle as well as a corked 750 ml, which would serve better for cellaring.

What’s also great about the Allagash Brewery is that you get to wear these great protective specs on their brewery tour. Here I am, circa 2011 at their Portland, Maine facilities, all amped up on like five samples of 12% brew ready to get hit in the eyes with some heavy machinery. Bring it on.

Pour this beer and enjoy the sight. It radiates a bright golden yellow, casting a fluffy white head and a wall of lacing. The nose is full of golden fruits; apricots, bananas, and oranges. The first sip envelopes you with a honey sweetness then deepens with the same fruitiness of the nose. Allagash’s special yeast strain adds some spicy notes, and you’ll also find a great balance of bitterness.

The carbonation bursts before becoming soft and smooth; a very interesting texture. And though the body is slightly light, it does not feel thin. It finishes dry with a lingering sweetness. When done correctly, a tripel will mask most of the alcohol and that is definitely the case with Allagash. This 9% beer goes down very easily. Try letting it warm up to release more elaborate flavors.

It is rich and complex, without any sort of compromise on drinkability; a beer that is great for any season. There you have it. Allagash Tripel. A beer that has accomplished more than I could ever dream.


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