86. Earth Eagle 13th B’ak’tun

Earth Eagle 13 baktun

I will not pretend that I know anything about Mayan calendars or end of the world prophecies. I could easily recite some Wikipedia and learn you something real hard about the 13th b’ak’tun. Maybe even feature it in a podcast where I practice writing my name in hieroglyphics with a raging Neil Young soundtrack for accompaniment. I choose to abstain.

If I was writing a post on local, seasonal beers, this would have to top the list. How more seasonal can you get than the end of a b’ak’tun? I’ll take a good ole’ strong ale over some cinnamon-spiced nonsense any day.

This English strong ale from Earth Eagle Brewings out of Portsmouth, NH, pours a thick amberish brown, with hints of ruby around the edges. Nose is full of caramel/toffee notes, alcohol esters and a mild dark fruitiness, probably from the New Zealand Green Bullet hops.

New Zealand is better than wherever you are

New Zealand is better than wherever you are

Taste is a light nuttiness and a rich malt presence, but not so much as to become overly sweet. Alcohol is very noticeable, as expected with a 7.2% ale, but the hop bitterness helps add balance and clings to your palate in the finish. Light-medium body with a good carbonation;this is an estery, malty beer with character.


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