90. Avery Anniversary- Nineteen

Avery 19 Anniversary

I used to think that I knew something about beer. After about a week or so of studying for the Cicerone exam, I have realized that I know nothing. I used to care about the nuances each different style had to offer. Now, I scream at my German and Belgian wheat beer study guide section, “YOU ARE ALL THE SAME HAZY UNFILTERED YELLOW WHEATY THING,” as I skulk into a corner with a can of Pabst.

To keep with the Game of Thrones references, I am Jon Snow and this test is Ygritte. And I know nothing…

What I do know though, is that I enjoy tripels, and this is Avery’s attempt at a stylistically perfect one for their 19th anniversary. Nineteen pours a beautiful straw/golden color, hazy, with a 3-finger off-white head that slowly settles into a thick, whipped topping layer and leaving terrific Belgian lace.

Avery Anniversary – Nineteen

The aroma is heavy golden fruit esters; peaches, pears, etc. There are some flowery bouquet notes, mild alcohol, and some grainy notes. Flavor is sweet with a huge fruit presence that leans more towards the citrus rather than bananas. You’ll find some light peppery phenols and a great, spicy yeast flavor.

The 8.23% alcohol creates a pleasant creaminess in this medium-bodied beer, and it’s well-carbonated, effervescent qualities lead to a crisp and dry finish. It stays sweet all the way through, but there is some light grassy hop action in the finish. There is a slight bit of alcohol warmth, but nothing overly noticeable.

Overall, Avery’s 19th Anniversary is a sweet and crisp tripel that I really enjoyed. And with each beer under my belt, I’m more on my way to total beer understanding.

A Master Cicerone

A Master Cicerone


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