98. Cape Cod Beer Mint Chocolate Porter

Cape Cod Beer Mint Chocolate Porder

Cape Cod Beer Mint Chocolate Porder

Yes that’s a Christmas themed photo, and yes that’s an elf on a shelf. This reviews been sitting for a while, I recently moved into a new house, an old one room schoolhouse turned into a house, and it took a lot for the trifecta of finding my laptop, laptop charger, and internet to all come together. But the stars aligned, or I finally started unpacking, and eventually found everything.

Now I’ve got myself under my down comforter with Sabotage blasting and pages of beer reviews to get through, so let’s role on with our chocolate beer drinking selves for the time being.

The Cape Cod Beer Mint Chocolate Porter was a limited release, brewed in a small batch of ~225 bottles. In true Cape Cod Beer spirit, it was locally sourced, made with Taza Chocolate organic roasted cocoa nibs from Somerville, MA. Purchasing this beer was limited to 2 bottles per person, so I snagged up a couple and couldn’t wait to get home and try it. Usually the special batches done by Cape Cod Beer are worth the drive, and this one was no exception.

It poured black, with a large, tan, head that quickly vanished leaving behind some edging. With my second pour the head was better retained, so maybe the first pour was my fault and not the beers. The beer had aromas of mint, chocolate malts, and dark chocolate.

The cooling sensation of the mint was the first taste I noticed, followed by the chocolatey malts of the porter. The beer finishes up with the bitter notes of dark chocolate, almost like cocoa powder, and my mouth was left with a cool, menthol feeling from the mint which really lingers. Definitely lived up to the mint-chocolate name, and reminded me of mint chocolate ice cream, so it should come as no surprise that I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to my second glass and made a float, don’t knock it til you try it. Oh wait, you can’t. SOL.


2 thoughts on “98. Cape Cod Beer Mint Chocolate Porter

  1. Love this review..especially the float. Our porter always does well with cherry Garcia…or even more local cape cod creamery chapin cherry chocolate! Thanks for a great review!

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