100. CBC Heather Ale

CBC Heather Ale

CBC Heather Ale

Post 100. I feel like something big should be happening right now. I even went so far as to Google “songs for epic moments” but was greeted with a sea of Styx and Jock Jamz. But then I remembered the Manowar song posted below, it’s about mead and this post is about an ancient herbed ale based on an age-old Northern Europe and Scandinavian recipe.

So, I bring you CBC Heather Ale (5% ABV). This beer is based on an era back when beer was bittered using a combination of herbs as opposed to hops, and the presence of fresh herbs adds in aromatic oils that sometimes give the beer a distinctly wild taste. It’s not like a wild yeast ale, the taste is more tea like. It’s a very noticeable flavor, and easy to distinguish when a beer is successfully brewed in this fashion.

The bottle I had was from Batch 1, bottled on 8/12. The cream colored head was so fluffy, the only beer I’ve had with a head that rivaled this was Straffe Hendrik, in which I felt like I was drinking a cloud. There is great head retention and lacing, and the beer underneath is a hazy, honey color.

The aroma is vegetal, being slightly yeasty and very floral- with what I assumed to be lavendar (but is probably heather based on the name) being the most noticeable scent, followed by notes of rosemary. It’s light-medium bodied, and had a malty flavor followed by the taste of the heather and some esters coming through. It’s herbal tea-like in it’s flavor, especially it’s finish. This is something that became more noticeable once I let the beer warm up a little bit more. It finishes with a cool, flowery taste.


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