102. Mayflower Smoked Black Lager

Mayflower Smoked Black Lager

Hurricane Nemo. Day Two. I’ve been confined to my home to wait it out. But at least I have the FREEDOM to drive on the roads if I dare. Unlike Massachusetts, who have been banned from the streets. So I figure, what better time to catch up on my beer reviews. Hopefully they don’t find me dead of carbon monoxide poisoning because I’m too lazy to go shovel out the gas vent. Oh well. It was worth it NO REGRETS.

Today’s beer is from one of my favorite local brewers, Mayflower Brewing Company, based out of Plymouth, MA. The Smoked Black Lager is the second beer in the limited Cooper’s Series; the first being their Thanksgiving Ale, a beer I highly suggest you hunt down when turkey time comes around. This black lager can also be considered a schwarzbier, which is basically just German for black beer. They tend to lean more towards the lighter side, but still possess depth and richness.

Mayflower took the schwarzbier and added a smoked dimension, which is playing perfectly into my smoked beer kick and justification for pairing any smoked beer with smoked meats and/or cheeses because that’s what you friggin’ do.

Mayflower Smoked Black Lager pours a deep ruby brown, with a thin off-white head that clings to the glass. The aroma is smoked malts, earthy hops, a light chocolate, and a good amount of charred notes. The taste has a good amount of  up front smoke. Roasted malts and dark chocolate come in next, followed by a strong earthy hop finish, though the smoke does linger around for a bit.

Any lager characteristics that you may be expecting are a bit drowned out by the smoke, but it still has the crispness and body of a lager, which make it an easy-drinking, not too filling beer.

For anyone who doesn’t like smoked beers, but may be trying to appreciate them more; looking at you, Ashleigh, this is the beer for you.


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