106. Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarity: St. Eadman – Guest Post from Hipster Brewfus

Hello strangers!

I’m Hipster Brewfus. I bet you’re wondering what the hell is going on. Who is this dude writing on “Two Girls, One Beer?” Well, there’s a not so exciting story about how this came to be.

I asked, and they graciously accepted.

We also just finished a beer swap also, sending beers from our respective regions to each other. So I thought I’d review a beer from my region (Maryland) for these New England ladies (and you fine readers). Today is a rare one off from Flying Dog in Frederick, MD.


St. Eadman is a Belgian Dark Ale clocking in at a nice and heavy 10% ABV. It pours a beautiful mahogany , carrying tones of burnt amber and ruby. Think of those really nice, dark wood floors you see on HGTV sometimes. Its like those, but in liquid form. And it’ll get you good and drunk. I’d like to see floors do that. There is a dingy, off-white head. It’s fluffy, but gets the hell out of your way quick, leaving behind a whole lot of nothing.


I feel like I spent more time with my nose buried in the glass than I did drinking it. It could be true, the level of drunk I was when I finished told me that perhaps I drank it a bit too fast. There are loads of burnt sugars, interwoven with cherry, raisin and other darker fruits. It’s a sharp and tart nose, and I love it. The taste is a lot more complex than I would have thought initially. The front end reminds me of a kriek, the cherry and other lighter fruits are right there, which lead into the darker fruits I smelled in the nose. its almost “juicy” before the next wave smack you in the tongue and you get a mouthful of brown sugar, malt, and yeast. And rushing right in with that back end is the pang of alcohol. At 10% it’s hard to hide, but nothing unpleasant at all. This beer is heavily carbonated, leaving my tongue feeling weird after the first half of the bottle.

and be careful with the second half of the bottle-lots of sediment. Gross

and be careful with the second half of the bottle-lots of sediment. Gross

And the bottle art is pretty awesome. Ralph Steadman famously does all the label work for Flying Dog. This bottle MIGHT take the prize for my favorite. It’s a pretty far out self portrait.


Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarity: St. Eadman

Smell: 3.75/5
Appearance: 4/5
Taste: 4.25/5
Feel: 2.5/5

Overall: 3.625/5

This beer pairs well with: Flight of the Conchords – The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)

I’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to Ashleigh and Kristie for allowing me to spew my word vomit, and annoy all of their readers. And to you, for reading it. I hope you don’t stop reading their blog on my account. And if your interest is the least bit piqued, you can find me saying all kinds of stupid stuff over at http://www.hipsterbrewfus.com/


2 thoughts on “106. Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarity: St. Eadman – Guest Post from Hipster Brewfus

  1. Whew. Weren’t sure where you were going with that vomit comment, lol. I’m intrigued by this beer- I hope I can find it in Kansas! Thanks for the article.

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