110. Where do we fit in?

John Smiths 1616 New England map

John Smiths 1616 New England map

We’ve been slowing down on the posts lately, and that’s because we’ve both been trying to figure out what niche we want the blog to fill, along with waiting on site redesign, business cards, and other ways of branding the blog. When we started Two Girls, One Beer, it was a fun way to review any beer that we drank. But that’s vague, and with so many different beer blogs we needed something to set us apart. We didn’t have an existential crisis per say, but instead realized we need to do some serious blogger soul searching, om…

So we decided to focus on local beers, specific to our New England region. We love beer, and we love the Northeast. That’s not to say we won’t post about beers from elsewhere if we have one we truly love (I’m currently working on a post reviewing Left Hand), but here we are living in a part of the country where microbreweries are springing up left and right, and where motivated individuals are sometimes working full-time jobs on top of running their beer start-ups. And that type of passion needs to be recognized.

The great part is that not just brewers, there are brewpubs, liquor store cashiers who are insisting on creating a craft beer section in their otherwise Bud/Miller store, and beer clubs meeting on a weekly basis now. Just on Cape Cod alone we have seen the start of Girl’s Pint Night Out, a home-brewers association, and a mug club at the BBC. And this is all in the slow off-season! The Seacoast region of New Hampshire is also experiencing a nano-brewery boom, with the arrival of Earth Eagle Brewings, Throwback, and Blue Lobster. And the only way the movement will grow is if it garners noticeable attention, and yes, money. So we feel that by sticking to local, buying local, and blogging local, we can help the craft beer scene keep going strong.

I know, I know, drinking local beers is so selfless and noble of us. It’s a hard job, but someone has to do it. So you can expect to see a lot more posts on local beers, brewery tours, and individuals who are working to promote the craft beer scene in our small New England towns. Enjoy!


One thought on “110. Where do we fit in?

  1. I’ve been kind of doing the same thing, not posting much, and wondering what my niche is and sometimes thinking “Eh, just stop doing it.” I don’t have the time or money to be as active as Id like to be, going to brew fests, checking out new bars and breweries and such, but Id like to do more than JUST reviews. I’m in a rut. Boo.

    Regardless, of all the New England beer bloggers, you have it on point. You keep it local, and you do it well.

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