113. Portsmouth Brewery Royal Impy Stout

Portsmouth Impy

Hey guys. I’m doing some live-action reviewing right now. Like, I’m drinking this beer and typing how I feel about it. Isn’t this novel and exciting?

What we have here is Portsmouth Brewery’s Royal Impy Stout; a Russian Imperial Stout that is taking the place of the infamous and now defunct Kate the Great. It is 11.10% and bottled up in a cute little 11.16 oz. stubby bottle featuring a display of “Royal Russian Midgets.” Does Portsmouth Brewery believe in a resurrection of the czarist system? As of now, all signs are pointing to yes.

Initially, I was going to make this a video post, but here is what happened after I felt the camera’s critical eyes on me.

Here is what I meant to say – Impy looks very oily and heavy. It pours a deep brown/black with a tiny layer of mocha bubbles. The aroma is full of roasted malts, coffee beans, milk chocolate, toffee, with some boozy notes and a faint oakiness around the edges.

“Is this one of those icky candy bar ones?”, is how my boyfriend would approach this beer. It totally is; a very sweet base with tons of milk chocolate and fudge. You know that this is a highly alcoholic beer, but the crazy sweetness makes it more drinkable than it probably should be. Luckily the bottle size encourages moderation so you don’t wind up sexting sloppy half-dressed selfies to co-workers or fist-pumping to Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life” – or whatever drunk people do.

You’ll taste a good amount of dark fruits and molasses, plus a light roastiness; though I would have enjoyed a more prominent roast presence to help balance out the sweetness. It is full-bodied with low carbonation and leaves a slick feeling on the palate.

There Kristie, that wasn’t so hard. I believe you can still find this on-tap and for sale in bottles at The Portsmouth Brewery. Definitely worth a try.

Portsmouth Brewery
56 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH, 03801


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