115. Blue Lobster Brewing – Love on a Farmboy’s Wages Saison & Ragged Neck Rye Porter

Blue Lobster saison

I would like to first off apologize for our lack of updates recently. After a few months of us both skulking around, wondering if our resumes were inherently flawed and if our college degrees were a waste, we have finally found jobs in our respective fields of interest and are looking forward to a summer of gainful employment and beer consumption, rather than just the latter.I would also like to give a thumbs up to other beer bloggers and industry professionals – people who are able to hold full-time jobs and still devote a massive amount of their time to supporting their local beer scene. If I find myself having to do laundry, clean the litter box and check the mail all in one day, you’ll find me on the couch trying to calculate how many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares I can fit into the space between dinner time and going to work the next evening, let alone beer blogging.

My new job with a start-up craft beer bar in New Hampshire has rekindled some of my beer energy – so today I present to you a couple of offerings from a nanobrewery in Hampton, NH – Blue Lobster Brewing, where owners Michael and Roberta Benoit and brewer David Sakolsky are creating some of the highest quality beers in New England.


Love on a Farmboy’s Wages, 7.9%, pours a hazy pale orange with a bubbly layer of foam that quickly dissipates. Tons of yeast in the nose, that then carries over into the flavor. Fruity esters, honey, peppery spices, cloves; LOAFW provides a great balance between fruity and spicy flavors, with a low alcohol presence, light sourness and dry finish. The hop bitterness is pretty low; but that bitterness is well-complimented by all of the yeasty phenols. Incredibly refreshing and effervescent – a perfect take on the traditional saison.

Blue Lobster Ragged Neck Rye Porter

Ragged Neck Rye, 7.4%, is now up there with some of my absolute favorite porters. Pouring a deep black with a thin band of beige head, your first impression of this beer is the nose, which hits you full on with tons of roast. Brewed with rye and peated malts, Ragged Neck is bursting with chocolate notes alongside an earthy smokiness. What I really like about this beer is that it’s simple. You’re presented with a few key components, that when brewed elsewhere, would normally come across as one-dimensional – but at Blue Lobster, everything they do is so perfectly executed, that it becomes complex in its simplicity. Smooth and creamy, with a medium-full body and moderate carbonation, RNR finishes dry and with a touch of bitterness. You’ll really want to savor this one.

Blue Lobster Brewing
845 Lafayette Road
Hampton, NH
Phone: 603-601-6062


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