116. WGBH Craft Beer Festival

WGBH Craft Beer Festival

WGBH Craft Beer Festival

I grew up with WGBH/PBS- Sesame Street, Arthur, Berenstain Bears,  but eventually my tastes matured and evolved into programming like Alone in the Wilderness and Antiques Roadshow. And apparently WGBH has been growing up with their viewers, the channel who offered me songs about my ABC’s is now offering aficionados tastes of Pretty Things, White Birch Brewing, Slumbrew, and several other local brews at their first annual WGBH Craft Beer Festival on July 13.

There’s no denying that craft beer is now a full fledged movement, surpassing the foodie niche,  and the birth of new beer festivals only reaffirms that truth. In this economy, not much else is growing, but when times are good, we love our beer, and when times are bad, we love our beer even more, I suppose.

In line with this movement, WGBH decided to start a festival so they could fund-raise for their foundation, and also, much like with their programming, educate supporters on quality craft beers that have popped up all over New England. Did I mention that aside from beer and educational displays (about beer, so this is a little more exciting than school) that there will also be food trucks? Yeah. That pretty much what sold me on the whole thing because I love food trucks, and I’m tired of going to festivals and having to pair top-notch brews with frozen soft pretzels or steamed hot dogs.

You can order tickets here, they are $40 for members, and $50 for non-members. The festival is on July 13 from 7-10 p.m.



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