118.Battle Road Brewing Co. 1775 Tavern Ale


1775 Tavern Ale

Battle Road Brewing Co. 1775 Tavern Ale almost makes the perfect session beer, but technically misses the mark ever so slightly at 5.4% ABV. Whatever, still a session beer in it’s own right, especially since I’m usually awash in a sea of double digit ABVs. Hailing from Ipswich, MA, 1775 Tavern Ale is their flagship beer, done with several different malts, and a single strain of Slovenian hops.

Since  I live in New England, in an old school house from the 1800s, and am reading about the history of beer in America (Wow who put that book there in that photo? I must have just casually laid it down under this beer. Not a prop at all.), when I saw this bottle in the store I figured it would fit right in with my plans for the evening. Let’s be real, even if my plans involved rangling up alpacas for harvest, I’d find a way to tie in an appropriately themed beer, but anyways…

The beer poured with a one-finger head that went away fairly quick, it was gone before  I snapped this photo. It left lacing dripping down the sides of the glass, into the caramel/amber colored beer, which had a slight haze to it.

The hops had a vegetal scent, which I wasn’t expecting given the style. There were notes of rhubarb, straw, and grapefruit, mixed in with the doughy smell of the yeast.

This carried over into the taste, it had a chewy mouthfeel, with vegetal hints. This is what made it so refreshing, it wasn’t cloying, but rather easy to drink and exceptionally crisp tasting. The rhubarb-like taste went great with the brown bread hints of the malt.  The beer finished with the grassy scent picked up in the nose, and finished strong on the hops and bitter notes.  I could definitely see myself pairing this with most foods, or as a beer to drink while hanging out with friends.


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