120. Smuttynose Durty

Smuttynose Durty

I suppose I should talk about the American IPA bubble and how the guild over at BJCP must be wringing their claw-like hands over parameter stretching and constant re-definitions and yadda yadda yadda. But really, meh. Give it another decade and we’ll have that conversation. For now, let’s have some fun. Hell, I’ve even created my own IPA. It’s called a CAT-IPA, or CIPA.


Image 1) The hops and the cat must meet on neutral ground and equal terms or else you’ll definitely be getting some off-flavors.

Image 2) Fermentation.

Image 3) Finished product. Color may vary according to breed.

Send us pics of your own homebrewed CIPA’s! Winner may receive a sweet gift or a call from the humane society

Smuttynose Brewing Company
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
American Brown Ale/Brown IPA; 8.5%

Anyways. Thank you to Cody for this limited and incredibly fresh bottle of Smuttynose Durty; a brown IPA that is part of their short-batch series. Bottle-conditioned in June 2013, this is a slightly different beer than the version released last December.

Durty pours a deep deep brown with tawny highlights. A bubbly, beige head slowly settles down into a creamy layer of froth, leaving a thick sheet of marshmallow-like lacing. Very nice.

Smuttynose Durty lacing

Aroma is tons of Simcoe; an intense pine and citrus, plus a light spice and a subtle sweet maltiness that becomes more present as the beer warms up. Dark cocoa and tons of caramel envelop your palate, followed by a clean-up crew of very high bitterness that gets you ready for the next sip. I love the hop flavor here; very piney and resinous.

Smuttynose Durty2

I was definitely taken by surprise with this beer. It’s a delicious brown, a great showcase for a variety of hops – the caramel notes work so well with the hop profile, and I am now sort of upset that this isn’t a year-round offering. Pick one up while you can!


One thought on “120. Smuttynose Durty

  1. Interesting that more breweries are looking at this style. I’ve really enjoyed the 10 Barrel Brown IPA from their Hop Project box & Epic’s Santa Cruz Brown would definitely fall in this category.

    I’ll look for a chance to try Durty, unfortunately, I don’t have a cat, so can’t offer my own CIPA…

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