121. Moat Blueberry Ale


Moat Mountain Blueberry, pardon the flash photography

I decided to get the Moat Mountain Blueberry because I love North Conway, NH, and wasn’t aware that they had their own brewery. As much as I rag on some denizens of the granite state, it’s a pretty cool place, having brought us GG Allin, the Kancamagus, the motto “LIVE FREE OR DIE” I mean it doesn’t get more badass than that. Okay, well West Virgina is pretty good too with their motto of, “Mountaineers are always free” but if freedom means bottle feeding my kids Mountain Dew, count me out.

This beer poured very bubbly, having a light straw color with a white head and drippy sticky lacing. Sticky icky, bro. Honestly, color always disappoints me with blueberry beers. Am I expecting blue? Yeah, kind of.

As for smell, the blueberry nose was very faint, the smell of wheat was more noticeable. Pretty straightforward.

The beer is clean and crisp, it’s an American style ale so I expected that. However, I honestly found it a little underwhelming flavor-wise, it gets points because it finished with a natural blueberry taste, as opposed to something too saccharine. The flavors were just a little too light for my liking, the beer was too watery, and based on the price point of the beer I was left disappointed. Blueberry…booberry. Don’t see myself trying this one again.

Based on the quality of their other beers, I really expected it to deliver. I suggest that if you check out Moat (and you should!) don’t go for the blueberry, and go for their Bone Shaker Brown or Square Tail Stout instead. Those ones are highly recommended.


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