126. Trinity Belgian Strawberry


Trinity Belgian Strawberry

As much as beer bloggers claim to hate the culture of exclusivity surrounding beer, when we hear we are in the vicinity of something with a “two pint limit” we flock to it like spawning salmon. It’s like this animalistic fervor takes over, only instead salmon looking for a mate, we’re absolutely salvating at the prospect of trying something new (and therefore earning a potential Untappd badge and the subsequent boasting rights to say, “Oh, that beer? Yeah. I had that.”). Don’t believe me? Look at these lines for Pliny the Younger.

So my friend and I, headed down to Trinity Brewhouse in Providence, RI, and on our way through traffic he regaled me with the tale of the two pint limit. According to him, assuming this prolific urban legend is true, a young man drank some whiskey and then went and had some Strawberry Belgian. And between the whiskey and high ABV beer, he got sick on the table. The end. Either way, the pint limit definitely makes the beer more coveted so perhaps the phantom vommer did them a favor.

The hot wings also get a good review

The hot wings also get a good review

The Belgian Imperial Strawberry (7 IBU, 12% ABV) is made with over 300 pounds of strawberries, and you’d think that with Belgian yeast this would be a little bit much. However, the strawberry taste isn’t overbearing, and it begins to become a little more noticeable as the beer warms up which is very pleasant as I don’t like to drink high ABV beers quickly.



As you can see the beer poured with an orange and pink haze, with some carbonation and no head. It smells like strawberry and Belgian yeast, remind me almost of jam.
As for taste, it’s very crisp and refreshing which makes it hard not to pound the whole pint. There’s a light strawberry sweetness reminiscent of a marmalade, and it has a hot alcohol finish. If you wait a little bit and let the beer creep closer to room temperature, the strawberry taste is a lot stronger.

I was a little intimidated to drink the beer with Biggie glaring at me the whole time, I will admit. Biggie, stop creepin’.




I liked it so much I totally ignored my beer budget for the week and decided to take some home:



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