129. Win a craft beer t-shirt!

BrewerShirts.com sent us one of their screen printed t-shirts to wear, lounge around in, drink beer in, whatever. Or to wear and model in the front yard while taking picture for the blog. And if you click to read more, you can see how you can win one!

The shirt I’m in is a super soft ladies v-neck with a hopvine printed on it in silver environmentally friendly ink. You hear that? An actual fitted LADIES t-shirt that isn’t a babydoll tee…those things just give me terrible flashbacks to tattoo choker necklaces and Smashmouth. An era I’d rather forget.

They started printing the shirts in 2005 when they noticed that there weren’t very many craft beer t-shirts or homebrew themed t-shirts. Now they have several designs to choose from, be it double-fisting velociraptors or frogs tapping kegs.

Normally their shirts retail for $20, but we’re doing a contest and giving one away. All you need to do is take a ridiculous photo of you enjoying your favorite beer over the weekend and post it on Instagram with #twogirlsonebeer or send it to us on twitter @twogirlsonebeer. At the end of the weekend, we’ll pick a winner. Nudes discouraged, cats encouraged.



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