This is what I'm leaving. Good one Kristie.

Because who would ever want to see this everyday?

Around this time last year, I realized that I wanted to be around beer all the time. I quit my job and moved to New Hampshire’s Seacoast in an attempt to throw myself into what I heard was an expanding and passionate beer scene. I was amazed to see the amount of breweries opening, established breweries growing larger, and the constant outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the public. New Hampshire is what a craft beer community should be – a focus on locality, quality and innovation, and an unpretentious attitude. As Hunter S. Thompson said, “Good people drink good beer.”

I’ve poured a lot of beers and learned so much in the process, and met people whose dedication to whether it’s brewing, serving, or teaching others about beer, is inspiring.

I’ll be leaving New Hampshire at the end of the month and moving to Providence, Rhode Island – an area not yet widely known for its beer, but still growing nonetheless. I’m excited to gain a new perspective on New England’s beer community. I’ll be starting a weekly post featuring updates on PVD beer news and events, while Ashleigh will be showcasing the Cape & Islands and surrounding areas.

It's there somewhere...

It’s there somewhere…

This move will also bring Two Girls closer to one another, so look for more collaborative efforts, including joint video reviews – after all, it is Two Girls, One Beer, right?


So that’s my update. If you’re in the NH area this Saturday, come say hi to us at the Powder Keg Beer & Chili Festival. This is an awesome event with tons of great local breweries and restaurants. Tickets are still available at the website.



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