144. Cape Cod Beer Albatross Imperial Stout

Cape Cod Beer Albatross Imperial Stout

Cape Cod Beer Albatross Imperial Stout

I attended a chocolatey little release (chocolate stout cake anyone?) for this beer at Cape Cod Beer a little over a week ago, and had been waiting for the right time to drink it. So as today came up on 24 consecutive hours of snow (gross), I cracked it open. Sure, I saw people moving around outside shoveling and running errands, but it was just so fun to sit inside, swathed in blankets, pretending that my cats are direwolves, that winter has come to my manor, and I must feast on bread and ale for sustenance as I hunker down while Janus, god of the beginnings and ends, howls outside.

In short, I like imagining stuff.

I also like Cape Cod Beers limited releases. I’ve never been let down by one of their small batches, and since the expansion of their brewery this past year their release schedule promises many more small batches and experimental brews. To those of us on the Cape it’s going to be very exciting to have exclusive and limited batches of innovative brewing going on locally. Cape Cod Beer and Cape Girls’ Pint Out have both changed the beer scene in this area and I’m really thankful for that!

The Imperial Stout (9.4% abv, 61 IBUs) pours oily black and opaque, with a thick, tan head leaving thick lacing on the glass. Like most stouts, it smells like dark chocolate and hints of coffee.

The roasted malts make up most of the taste, with the chocolate malts making their presence known throughout the whole experience. Also noticeable are hints of that signature dark, fruity taste found in stouts.
Usually the finishes is nothing memorable (ba dum tsh), but the finish in this beer was my favorite part. I feel like that’s where a lot of well-brewed stouts decide to really show off. Albatross Imperial Stout finishes nice and dry, almost like a char, with the chocolate malts and hops coming through in the end, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.


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