147. Maine Beer Company Weez

Maine Beer Co Weez

“This beer is dedicated to all the stray cats out there,” reads the bottle of Maine Beer Company’s Weez. “Our tasting room helps to fund a local shelter that is dedicated to finding warm homes for every cat that comes its way.” Maine Beer Company is the epitome of the guy you want to land on when playing Dream Phone. He rescues kittens from trees, is an upstanding member of his local community, a small business entrepreneur. Your parents will love him. Not to mention he brings you the freshest, tastiest beer ever when he comes over to cook you dinner, probably using all farmers market ingredients.

I love this brewery. Check out our past reviews of Lunch, Mo (from Hipster Brewfus), and their Nøgne ø collaboration if you don’t believe me.

Here I am playing Jenga at their brewery.


This is Weez; a Black IPA, coming in at 7.2% ABV, and is considered the counterpart to Another One. Both beers used the same hops, same kettle, same dry-hopping schedule, but different malts.

Weez pours a deep brown, almost black with a mocha head that looks like a frothy cup of coffee. Left a sheet of lacing down the side. Has the typical MBC fresh appearance.

The aroma is lots of dark malts, and a Nestle Quik-cocoa powder; bit of a roast as well. There are some hops, but they’re a little hard to identify amidst all of the malts. You can make out some floral notes, as well as light pine and citrus. I really like the nose. It’s subtle yet still pungent. Does that make sense?

I was hit with an incredibly dry bitterness when I was expecting more of a roasted malt presence that’s very intense, almost on the verge of burnt tasting. The beer bounces back and forth between the roasty/lightly smoked malts and the earthy hops. As it warms up, you get to appreciate the hops a bit more with their citrus, lemon rind and pine qualities.

It’s medium-bodied, well carbonated, smooth and with a dry finish. Overall, I would have like a bit more of a malty sweetness. It was interesting how it had such a subtle, chocolaty nose, without any hint that you were going to get a fair amount of roast in the flavor. This is probably the first Maine Beer Company beer that I’m not absolutely in love with, but that’s just preference. It’s still a nicely put together black IPA. Plus, proceeds go to cats. And we like cats.

Maine Beer Co Weez2


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